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The financial principles outlined in this report are real, because they are bilbical. The desire for obedience to them demonstrate the desire to trust the Word of God not only in every day life but in your business as well.

Stories in the Bible Only 75 72 Licenses Will Be Sold! # of Licenses Left: Articles Included: David and the Giant Goliath (611 words) Genesis Story (725 words) God's Will (499 words) Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall (446 words) Noah's Ark  (558…

How to Make Successful Decisions Only 149 Licenses Will Be Sold! 5 pages 2186 words Inside this report The Spiritual Side of Decision Making Biblically Based Decision Making Process Three Biblical Principles for Decision Making The Practical Side of Decision…

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit Only 150 Licenses Will Be Sold! # of Licenses Left: 124 Articles Included: What is Meant by “Fruit of the Spirit”, Anyway? (408 words) The First 3 Fruits of the Spirit – Love, Joy &…

Discontinuing Number of Licenses Left: 131

Discontinuing Number of Licenses Left: 134

Number of Licenses Left: 134